Exhibition of works

A Scientific Committee made up of various national and international professionals led by Dr. Jose Casaña, will assess the work presented by those attending the VII International Congress on Rehabilitation and Prevention of Injuries in Physical Activity and Sports. V Congress of Health and Physical Exercise.

  • The abstracts of the congress must be sent before 23:59 on March 12, 2021, via the attached form on this page. Papers sent after the deadline will not be accepted.

  • Abstracts that contain data previously published in other conferences or in scientific journals will not be accepted. In the event that the submitted content has been previously published, the work will be rejected.

  • Being registered is an essential requirement to be able to exhibit at the congress. Only the first author may submit the work and its registration will be required. This person must send the summary and indicate their contact information (e-mail and telephone number), being the corresponding author, that is, the only person who will receive information regarding the evaluation of the same and other correspondence. In the event that, once the work is accepted, the first author cannot attend the congress, the communication may be made by another member of the work, provided that this person is registered in the congress.

  • You can only be the first author in a maximum of two works, with no limitation on the number of co-authors.
    All authors of the work must approve the content presented. For this, in the document sent for review, the following statement must be included: "Each author approves the content of the abstract and affirms that this work has not been previously published."

  • All research conducted with human participants must comply with the Declaration of Helsinki.

  • Experimental studies will be valued mainly, followed by observational ones, and systematic reviews may also be accepted.

  • All accepted papers will be published in the conference minutes book, which will be published with ISBN and corresponding legal deposit.

  • Abstracts must be submitted in the appropriate format, in accordance with the rules described below. Failure to comply with them will be grounds for non-acceptance of the work.
  • The body of the abstract (introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions) cannot exceed 3500 characters (including spaces), when there are no tables or figures. When incorporating tables or figures, the text cannot exceed 3000 characters (including spaces).
  • The use of a figure or table in the abstract should not replace any of the required sections of the papers (introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions).
  • Summaries can contain at most one figure or table (not both). These must be concise and in the case of tables or figures that are too large, the scientific committee may choose to eliminate them.
  • The size of the total poster for its presentation will be through a template that will be provided by the committee on a slide that will be converted to a high resolution pdf or jpg image for its submission, the size of which must be 90 cm high 120 cm wide ( 2551 x 3402 px) with a maximum file size of 3 Megabytes. In addition, the selected works may be requested that each part of the content of the poster (introduction-objective / s, material and methods, results, discussion-conclusions) will be located on a slide for its telematic presentation at the congress to the attendees.
  • Accepted works will be exhibited in a virtual room during a session with a defined schedule, subsequently the main author must be at the disposal of the audience to answer the questions and doubts that may arise. The schedule will be notified when the date of the congress approaches.
    Title (in bold).
    Authors (Name, Surname)
    Affiliation (indicated with a superscript number after the last surname of each author). The affiliations of all authors of the work should be included.
  • Main body of the abstract. It should contain the following sections: Introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions.
  • In the case of adding references, it should be taken into account that the body of the abstract does not exceed the required size. In case of using references, these must be cited according to the APA regulations (sixth edition) and appear at the end of the text in a section called “references”.

The papers presented must be framed in one of the following thematic lines of the Congress:

  • Exercise physiology.
  • Supplementation, diet and nutrition.
  • Prevention, recovery and rehabilitation of sports injuries.
  • Epidemiology, etiology, pathology and treatment of sports injuries.
  • Sports podiatry.
  • Biomechanics of movement in sports and physiotherapy.
  • New technologies in physical activity and physiotherapy.
  • Chronic pathologies.
  • Aging.

  • Poster with oral communication: the preparation and format guidelines described above must be followed. There will be an oral communication that will last 5 minutes, in addition to the subsequent question time.
  • Poster without oral communication: the preparation and format guidelines described above must be followed. The main author must be connected to the virtual space configured for this purpose at the time determined to answer the questions of those interested.

It will be the Scientific Committee, by prior assessment, who will decide the mode of presentation of the papers, based on their quality, novelty, interest and subject matter. Regardless of the modality granted by the Scientific Committee, the certificate of authorship of the presentation will indicate the presentation of a "communication" during the congress, without specifying whether it has been oral or not.

The Scientific Committee will review the abstracts and send the first author the information on acceptance and the schedule assigned to the presentation, as well as the presentation format. The three best works selected by the scientific committee will be published in the JOURNAL NSCA SPAIN magazine.

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